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Zen Care Professional Premium line. Higher concentration of base nutrition ingredient Collagen.
Zen Care CPT Shampoo is well known in the hairstylist and salon world. Zen Care CPT Shampoo is slightly acidic with a ph balance of 4.5~5.5, unlike other shampoos that have higher pH which opens up hair follicles and dries out your hair.
Zen Care Professional Premium Line. A higher concentration of base nutrition ingredient, Collagen.
CPT Conditioner provides moisture to your hair. It deeply penetrates into the hair and regenerates damaged hair cells. This results in hair elasticity and sleek looking hair.
This solution is made with Niacin and Kopexil. Niacin is a B vitamin that is helps with hair growth. Niacin is water soluble, meaning our body cannot store this vitamin so we need a continuous supply of this vitamin. The Niacin provides nutrients to the root of the hair. Kopexil increases the volume of hair from the root during the growth phase; it is commonly used to treat hairloss
Stress and hormone imbalance can cause increase sebum secretion which results in oily hair. The cleansing oil helps regulate the balance of sebum secretion while cleaning the scalp from dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells.

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