Permanent Makeup

** Testimonial 

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my eyebrows. The shaping and feathered look makes them look very natural. I have struggled with my eyebrows for years and have tried permanent makeup in the past. I have never been happy with them, especially immediately after, they can look really dark and unnatural. What I love about the Natural-Line, is that they look great immediately after. 
    I went shopping the last time and no one noticed, not even my husband. I also love the color you used! It is a natural color, so they look good even when I don't have make-up on. I was contemplating other, almost crazy procedures to remedy my "thin" eyebrows. I was so happy to find you and Natural-Line! I am very happy with the results and I plan to come back on a routine basis for maintenance. The whole procedure is painless and I left looking great.  I love the "cold treatment" at the end to reduce redness. I also love how clean your salon is, it has a personal touch to it.  I love my eyebrows and I can't wait to see you again. I want more feathered them!! 

                                                    ^^ Susan

    I would like to thank Suzie Kim for my makeover. I am a 73 year old who always tries to look her best without surgery. I had my eyebrows reshaped which made me look much better and younger. I had my eyeliner on both top and bottom lids which saves me time in the morning. Now I don't have to worry about black smudges around my eyes. My eyes are perfectly lined everyday. The biggest improvement was my lips. I had very thin lips and I always had to draw them before putting on lipstick and many times my drawing wasn't even. Suzie gave me new lips by making them bigger by drawing them. Now I don't have to line them or even put lipstick on my lips even after eating. My lips look natural and one cannot tell that it was drawn. I look very good in the morning.
      Suzie is very competent and a real artist. Natural Line is only as good as the person delivering the service. Suzie is the best and she really made me look my best. I am glad that I decided to do my whole face. Suzie's room, where she works, is very clean and the instruments she uses are sterile. The atmosphere is friendly and you can see her work on people she has done. I recommend Suzie if you need your eyebrows reshaped, eyelids lined, or have thin lips.

                                                             ^^ Irene 

    My eyebrows were thinning and did not have the arch that opens up the eye and provides a more youthful appearance.  I hesitated to get permanent tattoos given the possible discoloration. I am so happy I found Suzie! She is an amazing artist and gave me the perfect eyebrows to complement my natural brows. She is patient and really listens to what you request, and then delivers. 
     The procedure was not painful. Quite a few people said I looked "rested" when I saw them after the process, but had no idea why!  The work is natural looking and provides a more youthful version of you.The eyebrows shape my face in a way that I hardly need to wear any makeup at all.I should have done this years ago. Thank you, Suzie! 

                                                ^^ Kathleen

 *The Rise of Semi-Permanent Make-up

    Cosmetic tattoos began from the influence of body art tattoos. Incorporating the same technique to permanently place make-up on their face, women saw it as a solution to reapplying make-up everyday. Over time the cosmetic tattoos, also called  permanent make-up, became problematic because it looked unnatural. It was permanent. And most inks discolored to a bluish-gray. Women were permanently stuck with a look that they were unsatisfied with.

    As time passed, it was clear that the chemicals and techniques used to tattoo bodies were not compatible with facial skin. Facial skin is thinner and more sensitive. Using technological advances, semi-permanent make-up uses products designed for sensitive facial skin. Additionally, the technique of applying semi-permanent make-up results in a more natural look that is only semi-permanent. You won’t be stuck with one decision for the rest of your life! Women are forced to make commitments every day, in almost all areas of life. You don’t need to do that with your make-up.

  *Misconceptions about Semi-Permanent Make-up

    Semi-Permanent Make-up is often confused with cosmetic tattoos. They are NOT the same and we will explain why. Cosmetic tattoo, also known as permanent make-up, is an older technique that may use ink for body tattoos. For cosmetic tattoos, the ink is placed in the layer of the skin known the dermis or even deeper to the subcutis. Cosmetic tattoos are permanent and will not disappear. They tend  to look unnatural and can be a drastic change. Lastly, cosmetic tattoos discolor over time to a bluish gray.

    Semi-Permanent Make-up is the newest innovation for beauty and is an upgrade from cosmetic tattoos. The biggest difference is that semi-permanent make-up is NOT permanent. Semi-permanent make-up is less invasive because it is placed under the top layer of the skin, the epidermis. Another big difference is that out semi-permanent make-up uses pigments from naturally derived mineral origins and the color composition is made to fade over time with no discoloration, the shade only gets lighter and lighter through the exfoliation of the epidermis. Semi-permanent make-up lasts about 1-3 years, depending on skin metabolism, type, and the environment. The major benefit of semi-permanent make-up is that you don’t have to commit to the same look for the rest of your life. Hence the name semi-permanent: the make-up is permanently placed for a limited amount of time, usually 1-3 years, You have the freedom to change the shape and color as your preferences change, heavy lip liner was popular? We imagine that anyone who gad lip liner permanently tattooed is having regrets now that the trend has passed in favor more subtly defined lips. Our method is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty by helping fill in areas of the brows, creating darker and fuller lashes, or balancing out shape and applying sheer color for the lips. Semi-permanent make-up is a great solution for women looking to save time applying make-up by being an easy base to work on or providing a naturally beautiful, fresh-faced look that they can wear every day!

  *What is needed for the best Semi-Permanent Make-up results?

1.    COLOR


3.    SHAPE

COLOR: The quality of the semi-permanent make-up color is the most important, because this is the product being placed inside your skin. It’s important that you know that you’re receiving high quality products for your semi-permanent make-up. Be sure to find out where the color was manufactured and how. *Note: semi-permanent make-up colors should be MRI safe since it shouldn’t have heavy metals like most tattoo inks.
    Another reason why the quality of the color is so important is because properly manufactured color compositions have the correctly-sized pigment molecules. If the molecules of the pigment are too small, they can smear underneath the skin and become blurry or even migrate away from the original shape. If the molecules are too large, they can appear blocky and even pixelated on the skin. However, the greatest risk for poorly manufactured color is discoloration. No matter how skilled the semi-permanent make-up artist is, if the color quality is poor the long-term results will be unsatisfying.
EQUPIMENT: The equipment used is of utmost importance. Some argue that tattoos done by hand tools are the most accurate and safe, but for semi-permanent make-up this may not be the case. Long-Time-Liner® is a manufacturer that partners with dermatologist, plastic surgeons, and doctors to develop their products. Long-Time-Liner® devices have optimal settings suited for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, etc. The machine’s settings place the color at the appropriate depth within the skin with constant accuracy that no human hand can replicate. This allows for a precise and safe procedure.
SHAPE: The shape of semi-permanent make-up is created in partnership with the decision made by the client and the Linergist® during the consultation. It is important for the shape of any semi-permanent make-up to be chosen carefully. The goal is to choose semi-permanent make-up that compliments the natural features of the client.

  *The Process

    We do a thorough and personalized make-up consultation before the procedure. After the confirmation of the shape and color by the client, we then pigment the area. A follow-up appointment is scheduled 2-3 weeks after the first procedure. The results are carefully examined because everyone’s skin heals differently.

    In the first week after your treatment, the color may become lighter. If your semi-permanent make-up fades significantly after the first placement, there is no need to be alarmed. This is a natural process; as we are depositing the pigments into the superficial layer of the skin, part of the color will be lost due to skin regeneration as the top layer of dead skin cells slough off. It is expected to fade and the color and shape of your semi-permanent make-up will be finalized in the follow-up treatment, which is included in the initial treatment price.

    Lastly, we want this process to be gradual. Our goal is to give a natural look that compliments your features. Have you ever seen someone get an eyebrow tattoo and it’s so noticeable and dramatic? We don’t want this to happen. We gradually change your look, to others it looks like you may have done your make-up a little different that day. In time, they get used to the gradual changes, and can’t notice what you’ve done! The only way they’ll know is if you let them in on the beauty secret!

    Like any cosmetic procedure, there are possible risks. We are committed to provide all relevant information and help determine whether semi-permanent make-up is right for you.


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