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K-Eyelash Perm
About Eyelash Perm 

Eyelash Perm is an effective, safe, and well-known procedure that has been around over 30 years,
not only for women, but also for men.  Presently, Eyelash Perm is gaining popularity all over the
Eyelash Perm is used as an alternative and a semi-permanent way of keeping your eyelashes
curled for up to 4 to 8 weeks 
without daily use of an eyelash curler. Duration of the eyelash perm vary depending on eyelashes. It will last even after swimming, showering, and daily face washing

Procedure for Eyelash Perm

A safe perming cream is used to curl the eyelashes. The chemical used is safe.  Often times a
manual eyelash curler causes more damages to your eyelashes then the Eyelash Perm.
  The procedure is not harmful to the eyes.  The solution does not touch your skin or inside of the eyes.   Eyelash Perm procedure can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the eyelashes types

Benefits from Eyelash Perm

- Your eyes will look bigger and have beautifully curled eyelashes everyday

- Your stubborn or straight eyelashes will be curled up to 8 weeks without the use of a daily eyelash curler

- Saves time in the daily make up routine

- No more dealing with the pain associated with eyelashes being tangled up or pulled away in your eyelash curler

- You eyelashes will stay curled up making your eyes looking opened wider, therefore your eyes will not look droopy or sleepy.

- No special care or maintenance is needed. After the perm you are all done! Just wash your face as usual.

* Our prices :
                                         $75      K-Eyelash Perm

* We recommend an Eyelash Perm treatment if the eyelashes are either too curly or too straight.


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