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At KimSunYoung Salon, we use the Legitime: Scalp Care System in our Scalp Clinic

The skin on our scalp needs just as much care and attention as we give to the skin on our face. To better understand how this works, our hair and scalp is comparable to a plant in soil hair being the plant and the scalp being the soil. If the soil lacks nutrients and is dry, the resulting plant will also be dry and unhealthy. Without a healthy scalp, we cannot expect to have healthy hair. 

Stop using products that merely cover up the damage or claim to mend your damaged hair. If a plant is dry and withering, you wouldn't put water on the plant and expect it to be restored, you would put water in the soil. Similarly, products that target the health of the scalp are essential to healthy, strong

About the Legitime: Scalp Care System
The Legitime: Scalp Care System is developed in the research institute of Zen Care Professional. Their goal is to develop products made with safe and natural ingredients that treat the scalp.  

1. Legitime Deep Clean Scalp Oil 
Stress and hormone imbalance can cause increase sebum secretion which results in oily hair. The  cleansing oil helps regulate the balance of sebum  secretion while cleaning the scalp from dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells.


2. Legitime Intensive Trinexil Solution
This solution is made with Niacin and Kopexil. Niacin is a B vitamin that helps with hair growth. Niacin is water soluble, meaning our body cannot store this vitamin. This meansthat we need a continuous supply of this vitamin. The Niacin in this solution provides nutrients to the root of the hair. Kopexil increases the volume of hair from the root during the growth phase. It is commonly used to treat hairloss.

            3. Legitime Deep Cleansing Shampoo
                     The complex antibacterial components (ZPT &ndash Zinc Pyrithione, Climbazol, triclosan)    and Tea Tree Oil are used to totally eliminate bacteria and viruses which can cause dandruff, molds, and hair loss to prevent the source of scalp problem and maintains the thin hair to become thick and healthy.
Complex 8 vegetable ingredients provide nutrition to the scalp to present and maintains strengthened hair roots, healthy and elastic hair.



4. Legitime Rich Moisture Shampoo
                        Rich moisturizing shampoo for healthy scalp management, dandruff prevention, healthy soft hair, and healthy virgin hair.  The ivy ingredients that perform sebum self-control dissolve the oiliness of the scalp to prevent dryness and supplies nutrition to the scalp.  Even after shampooing, the moisture content remains for a long time on the hair and scalp so that moisture is preserved longer on hair and scalp even in dry environment.  The complex antibacterial components (zinc pyrithione (ZPT), Climbazole) and Chamomile Oil are used to totally eliminate bacteria and viruses which can cause dandruff, molds, and hair loss to prevent the source of scalp problem and maintains the thin hair to become thick and healthy.

      5. Legitime Scalp Air Tonic 
The aroma oil (Bergamot oil) relaxes body and mind, and deeply cleanses the oil ingredients remaining on the scalp for a fresh clean feeling.   The Specially designed massage head effectively delivers massaging effect directly to the scalp.  Hinokitiol, a component extracted from Japanese Cypress Tree (Chamaecyparis) is found in the scalp air tonic, makes thin and weak hair healthier and thicker. Also traditional oriental herbal extract relaxes the scalp and provides manageable healthy scalp.

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