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History of the Perm

History of the Perm


The history of perming hair goes back to 1500 B.C. Early Egyptians wrapped their hair around sticks and coated them with clay. They sat in the sun to bake the clay and then broke it off to expose the curls. The method for perms have evolved from this basic idea.

What we now know as the traditional perm is called a Cold Perm. Invented by Arnold Willat, the cold perm is activated by chemicals that allow the hair to be reformed/reshaped. A neutralizer is applied to close the hair and allow for the hair to keep its newly formed shape. 

Straight Perm

How Does it Work?

A Straight Perm is known by many names: thermal reconditioning, rebonding, magic straight perm, Korean Straightening, Japanese straightening to name a few. A special solution is applied to curly or frizzy hair and a hot iron straightens the hair. Once the hair has been neutralized, the hair is dried and the resulting hair is straight and sleek. The best part is that it stays straight all day even if you sweat or take a shower!

The Results
No more frying your hair with irons, relaxers and perms. The Straight Perm is less harsh than tradition methods. Your hair will feel softer and look shinier than before. Better yet, your hair will keep its shape all day regardless of moisture and humidity

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Digital Perm    

How it Started

Digital Perms are a perming innovation.The trend began among the young and fashion-forward in Korea and Japan and spread all over the world. In the US, where beautiful curls and waves are all over print ads, runways, and celebrities, a Digital Perm is the solution to having beautiful waves everyday without the hours spent with a curling iron.

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* Digital Perms are different than cold and traditional perms. 

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